Gold Sun Studios - Wedding Information and Investment


Thank you for your interest in having us be with you on your special day!  Here is some information on what we offer:


  • Two Photographers - all of our packages include two photographers, to capture as many photos as possible of you!

  • All Images are high resolution, touched up and beautifully edited - including advanced editing with top-of-the-line professional software.

  • Photographer touches - we include some Black and White and Color Highlighted images in our packages.

  • Multiple Locations - all locations within 30 minutes of each other are free of charge.

  • Focus on both You and your Guests - while we are highly focused on the bridal party, we also enjoy taking shots of your family and friends, getting great "portraits" that you can later surprise them with.

  • Photo Booth - our higher end packages include an open air Photo Booth - as an elegant way to take photos of everyone at the party. We discuss this with you in advance, as it is an optional feature. In summary, we set up early, then after the ceremony (and typically after the meal) we invite your guests to come take posed photos. We have found this is a great way to make sure you capture everyone's photos. Props are included. Let's discuss if this is an option you would like to include.

  • Private Online Gallery - once we are done processing your photos, we place all of them into a private, password-protected gallery for you and your family to access. This makes it extremely convenient for you to share your high resolution photos with everyone you wish to. You own the rights to these photos.

  • Turnaround Time - we know you want your photos as soon as possible, so while we typically ask for 3 weeks to complete the edits, we usually have them done sooner.

  • Customer Service - we want you to know we are here for you, so you should never hesitate to call, email or text us!

  • Prints - our website includes access to a photo lab, where you can conveniently order many different types of prints of just the photos you want.

  • Canvas/Photo Book - for our higher priced packages, we include either a Canvas or Photo Book as part of the overall package.



Weddings are priced at $200 per hour.  Which includes 2 Photographers 

We offer packages: However…they are the same price ($200 per hour) 

  • $1200 for a 6 hour package 

  • $1600 for an 8 hour package 

We are available by the hour for a minimum of two hours.  

Minimum wedding package is $400 for 2 hours. 

All packages require a $500 deposit.

The final balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

We will email a Paypal Invoice to you for all fees due.  Note - you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment with this process.

If your wedding is less than 30 days away, contact us and we will figure it out - we are very easy to work with!

Booking is completed on a first-come, first-served basis, and our calendar is filling up fast!

Thank you again for your interest in Gold Sun Studios - please feel free to contact Allison at 727-228-2163 with any questions!